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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. » Is my car going to be insured during transport?
    Yes! Your vehicle will be fully insured during the entire time it is in transit. From the moment the vehicle is picked up to the moment it is delivered at your front door your vehicle is FULLY covered by the carrier’s insurance. Every vehicle that we ship is covered for its current market value based on the year, make, model and condition. This means that whether your car currently has a value of $3,000 or $90,000 your car is covered for the full amount. This insurance covers your vehicle if it gets any dents, scratches or ANY kind of damages.
  2. » How long does it take to ship my car?
    The time it takes to ship your vehicle depends on the distance Between the pick-up and delivery locations. 500 miles: 1-3 days / 500-1000 miles: 3-4 days 1000-1500 miles: 4-5 days / 1500 miles: 7 or more days.
  3. » Do I have to be there when my car is picked up or delivered?
    It is strongly recommended that there is someone at both pick-up and delivery. Whether its the owner of the vehicle, designated friend, relative or neighbor. Carriers do a special vehicle inspection report when they pick-up and deliver.
  4. » Where are you going to pick up my car?
    Fast Lane specializes in door to door shipping. You will not have to worry about driving to a terminal or another location across town, your car will be picked up directly from your home. In some rare cases, if you live in a small neighborhood, the driver may call you and ask you to meet with him somewhere near your home.
  5. » How far in advance should I schedule the shipping of my vehicle?
    The earlier you schedule the shipping of your vehicle the better. A car hauler can usually fit between 7 to 10 cars all at one time. If you need your car picked up in a week, you have a very high chance of finding an available spot for your vehicle on that truck.
  6. » How do I place an order?
    There are many ways to place an order. The fastest way is to visit our website and do it in a few easy steps. An order can be placed by e-mailing our sales rep at or calling 813-445-6461.
  7. » Is anyone going to drive my car?
    No, your car will not be driven while it being shipped with Fast Lane. The driver is going to place your vehicle on the trailer and it will not come off during the entire time it is in transit.
  8. » What kind of vehicles does Fast Lane ship?
    Fast Lane ships cars, trucks, SUV's as well as retro cars, sports cars, exotic cars and all kinds of custom cars.
  1. » How much does it cost to ship my car
    The price of shipping a car depends on the size, operability of your vehicle and the distance that you need it shipped. Fast Lane provides our customers with quotes that include full door to door service as well as full insurance.
  2. » How do I pay?
    We accept all major credit cards, electronic forms of payment, cash, cashier’s check, and money order. We require a small deposit (included in the total price) and the rest will be paid on the time of delivery with cash or certified funds.
  3. » What is the difference between Open and Enclosed trailer?
    Open trailers are exposed to weather and road conditions, just like driving the vehicle yourself. Closed trailers keep your vehicle from all road conditions like being in a garage.
  4. » Can I pack my car with my belongings?
    Personal belongings left in vehicles are shipped at the owners risk. Items left in vehicles are not covered by carriers insurance. If you choose to leave personal items in your vehicle they must be less than 100 pounds.
  5. » Can I ship a vehicle that is not in running condition?
    Yes, we can ship vehicles that are not in running condition. Carriers have the equipment to ship vehicles that do not run. Please let us know that your vehicle is not in running condition when you place your order.
  6. » Can I ship a vehicle that I purchased online?
    Yes, you can. We ship hundreds of vehicles every month that have been purchased online. Whether you bought it from a dealership or a private party, we can ship it for you.