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Open Transport is the most commonly used form of transport in automotive logistics.  Most fleet carrier companies and independent contractors use this form of transport to haul vehicles because it is the cheapest and most demanded.  Open transport carriers can always be seen on the highway with trailers hauling 7-10 cars at one time.  This method of transport leaves the vehicles exposed to the elements and is not recommended for cars of higher value and antique or special vehicles.
Cars being transported in enclosed containers are not exposed to hazard road conditions and weather.  Carriers using this form of transport will usually have a smaller limitation to the amount of cars they can transport.  Usually its 3-4 but sometimes it can be as low as 1-2.  As such this causes the rates of enclosed transport to be significantly
higher than open transport.  Enclosed carriers will usually ship exotic cars with a price range of $100,000+, antiques, or showcase vehicles.